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Foreign Language Courses


  1. Can I change the course I'm doing?
    Yes, it is possible to change course. In this case, the number of hours already paid for and attended are subtracted from the subsequent course. 
  2. Can I enter a course which has already started?
    Yes, it's possible, by deducting the cost of the lessons which have already taken place.
  3. What happens if I can't make it to one or more lessons?
    In the case of a group or couple courses, the lost hours cannot be recovered nor reimbursed. For private lessons, you must inform your teacher at least one day before the scheduled lesson, otherwise you will still be charged.
  4. Do you organise Summer courses?
    Private lessons and couple courses may begin at any time of the year. Group courses only begin once a year, at the beginning of October. In the case that the students of a group course decide, with the agreement of the teacher, to extend the duration of the lessons, new students can enrol into the new extended course, except if you are an absolute beginner.
  5. Besides the course payment, what other costs are there?
    You must pay an extra associative fee, which includes the entry test, all the text books, the photocopies and other learning materialsl as well as the attendance certificate.
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