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Foreign Language Courses

Our Teaching Method

Our main goal is to get our students speaking confidently and fluently. From the very first day, the lessons are held exclusively in the chosen foreign language, with a focus on conversation.

To stimulate conversation and get the most out of each lesson, we maintain small classes with an average of 5-6 students and a maximum of 9. Therefore, the teacher can give  individual attention to each student and keep track of their progress the whole way through the course and also within a friendly environment, that  encourages students to participate in the conversations. The teachers choose interesting and current topics to help the students connect with the culture, society and lifestyle of the particular country and to make learning enjoyable and fun.

Here at OMNILINGUA, we believe that the best way to learn a language, is through a full immersion. This means exposing the students to the particular language and its everyday use. An important part of our foreign language courses are the use of multimedia in the classroom. Besides text books, the learning materials include news articles, editorial products, CDs, literary texts, poems, songs, Youtube, DVDs and TV. We make sure that the students have a thorough understanding of the grammar so as to give them a solid foundation in the written and spoken language. 

OMNILINGUA constantly researches and updates its teaching methods in order to ensure the best language experience possible.

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