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Italian Courses


  • a) Downloadable Form
    Please download our entry form in the preferred language. Carefully read our Terms and Conditions and once  accepted, fill in the entry form, sign it and send it back to our school by email, fax or post.  After having sent the entry form to our school, you need to provide a €200 deposit. Bank transfers and credit cards are  accepted, but unfortunately we cannot accept cheques. After having received the entry form and the deposit, the school will send confirmation of receipt. The rest of the payment can be made  when you attend the school and within the first 2 days of the course. 
  • b) Online
    You can enrol directly online through the school's website by filling in all your information and accepting the Terms and Conditions of enrolment. You can  either pay the deposit or the full payment online by credit card.

Contract Conditions


To guarantee the course you want, when you want it, we suggest that you make your reservation as soon as possible. We also recommend that you send us a picture of yourself which will be applied to your “student-card” (this is used for discounts in some local shops and restaurants).


Together with the enrolment fee of €50 you must pay at least a €100 deposit for the course and €100 for  the accommodation. The payment of the sum can be made through bank transfer or by credit card; we accept VISA, MASTERCARD and EUROCARD. Our bank  details are as follows: “Deutsche Bank Sanremo”, SWIFT Code: DEUTITM1640. IBAN Code: IT95X0310422700000000822445. We kindly ask for a copy of the deposit receipt along with your entry form.

Full Payment:

The full payment can be made on the second day of  the  course at  reception. You can pay by cash or credit card. If you have already made the payment before arriving, then we ask you to provide us with a copy of the receipt.



The enrolment will be confirmed by the school electronically or by post.

Lodging / Arrival Time:

The arrival day is exclusively on Sunday, the date of departure is Saturday (by 11.00 am). The time of arrival must be communicated to the school at least ten days before the beginning of the course. The distribution of the accommodation  is organised by the school. For reasons outside of the school's control, lodging options can't be changed. No complaints outside of  the  organisation's control  will be accepted (eg. Noises and traffic).

Security Deposit:

Regarding accommodation (both private and shared) the school will ask for a security deposit of €100. This will be returned to you at the end of the course on the condition that the accommodation is left clean without any damages. Should you notice any  pre-existing problems in the accommodation or if you have caused any damage during your stay, please report it immediately to the school.

Cancellation / Refund:

The full deposit will be returned to you,  only if you communicate the cancellation to us in writing, by email, post  or  fax, 30 days prior to the commencement of the course.  No money will be returned if you decide, for personal reasons to stop attending classes once the course has started.

Duration of the Lessons:

If there are only 2-3 students in a class, the duration of the lesson is reduced by 1 hour each day. The duration of the lesson is halved only when there is one student in the class.


By signing the entry form you accept the Terms and Conditions for the enrolment onto the course.

Visa and Residency Permit

We wish to make our Italian course available to everyone, regardless of nationality. That is why our school is happy to assist you with a Visa or a   Residency permit, if necessary. If you reside outside of the EU, you will need a Visa to visit or study in Italy. To make such request, you must provide the following documents to your local Italian Embassy:

  • Purpose of the visit (invitation letter, itinerary for the organised travel etc.)
  • Transportation itinerary for arrival and departure (motor vehicle  documents, car insurance or in the case of  arriving in a different mode of transport, a return plane/ship/train ticket or confirmation of booking if the tickets have been bought  by credit card etc.)
  • Proof of financial means for supporting yourself during your stay (cash or exchangeable foreign currency , credit cards or other payment methods such as traveller's cheques etc.)
  • Accommodation arrangements (hotel reservations, documents certifying the hotel availability or a booking made via  an agency, documents certifying the availability of a  property for rent,  etc.)
  • The access to financial resources of no less than half the yearly amount of the minimum Italian benefit.
  • The availability of sufficient funds to pay for the contribution fee of the National Health Service or a nationally valid insurance policy for the duration of the entire period of stay, which covers medical and hospital expenses.
  • All students must be older than 14.

Once it is established that the Visa application can be forwarded, the Embassy will proceed with the preliminary security checks.

The requirements for entering Italy, for the  Italian language knowledge,  can vary according to the state, therefore we suggest to all participants to ask their nearest Italian Embassy ( for detailed information and the necessary forms for the visa request.

OMNILINGUA can provide students,  that wish to study in Italy,  with an invitation letter,  containing information about the course such  as  the dates of the course, the address of the accommodation and the receipt for the payment of the course. This letter is sent to each student after we receive the filled in entry form and required deposit.

It is important to understand  that if you have a study visa, by law, you must present yourself at the police station within 8 days upon arrival in Italy in order to obtain a residency permit. You will be asked to show your passport and four passport photos, the documents provided by the Italian Consulate, the confirmation of the inscription to the National Health Service or an insurance policy   which must be valid for all of Italy and for the entire period of stay, and that it must cover medical expenses and  hospitalisation. For any further information, or help with the required documents, please do not hesitate to contact the school's  reception.

Participants must be sure that they have enough time to start the Visa procedure.  We recommend you apply for your Visa at least 2 months before departure.

For more detailed information on the Visa request procedures for Italy, please visit the following website:


Before your Arrival

After having enrolled, there are a number of things you must do before you arrive:

  • Have you informed the school of the date and time of your arrival? If you have not done so, please call us or send us an email. The school will confirm the transfer service if you have requested it, otherwise we will meet you at the school, to take you to your accommodation or to give you the keys and show you how to get there. If you are arriving on a Sunday evening, please remember to bring something to eat,  as  all shops and supermarkets will be closed!


  • Check if there is a national or local festival around the time of your arrival. There will be no lessons on these days and they will not be rescheduled or reimbursed. Only private lessons may be rescheduled.


  • Do you have a valid visa or residency permit? EU citizens do not need a visa and can come to Italy just with a valid ID or passport. All other citizens must check with their closest Italian Embassy or Consulate. If you are unsure of the type of permit you need or if you need any help, please click here.


  • Do you have the school's contact details in case of an emergency? Do you have enough credit on your mobile phone? International calls can be made by any public phone (available in phone boxes or bars). The international prefix for Italy is 0039, always followed by a 0 before the national area code. In a tobacco shop you may purchase €5 international phone cards, useful for calling your country without spending too much.


  • What should you bring with your? If you are not a European citizen, you should convert some money to Euro (€; EUR), the currency in Italy. Please keep in mind that in Italy all electronic devices require 220V/AC tension. The sockets may be different from those of other countries and an adapter may be necessary. During the summer, don't forget to bring suncream and a swimsuit!


  • What to do on the first school day? We will wait for you at 9:00am at reception. On the first day all the new students (except private students) will take a written and oral test to identify their level of Italian proficiency and then will be allocated a class. Once the test is completed, you begin your lessons with your group.
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