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Italian Courses

OMNILINGUA Teaching Method

The main goal for the students is to learn how to speak in confidently and fluently. Since the first day, the lessons are held exclusively in Italian keeping a focus around conversation.


To guarantee the active participation of students, we keep our classes small with an average of 5-6 students in each class and a maximum of 9.


Other than the text books, the learning material includes news articles, CDs, literary texts, poems, songs, videos and TV shows. Teachers choose interesting and current topics to help the students have an idea of Italian contemporary culture, society and lifestyle. Furthermore, a direct approach with the language is part of the programme. This approach is interactive, including things such as visiting the market, the library, the shops, etc. to obtain information for projects to complete in class. This offers the possibility to the students to put into practice, in a real setting, what they have learned in class. After these cultural immersions, the school makes sure that the students fully understand the Italian grammar they have encountered and have a solid grammatical base for both written as well as spoken language.


OMNILINGUA constantly researches new and innovative teaching methods in the learning programme to keep updated with modern teaching techniques and to assure its students receive the best language education possible.


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