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Translation Services


  1. What kinds of texts do you translate?
    The translators are at your service to readily work on all types of texts with precision: legal, technical, touristic and commercial, whether it is a few lines or many pages. OMNILINGUA does not only translate words and sentences, but guarantees the rendition of the true message contained in the text. We also provide translations of entire websites and revision of translations.
  2. Do you also translate among foreign languages?
    The offered services include translations to and from different languages including: Arabic, French, English, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, German and Turkish. To ensure high quality translation, each text is double checked by two translators: one native in the source language and the other native in the destination language.
  3. I need frequent translations for my company. Could you offer me special solution?
    OMNILINGUA prepares free estimates and offers accessible prices and interesting solutions for frequent translation requests. Our prices are accessible for all customers: companies, freelancers and privates from all over the world.
  4. Do you also provide certified translations?
    OMNILINGUA provides certified translations. Omnilingua is able to offer the asseveration services for the translated documents among Sanremo Court House in order to acquire the right to an official use of the translation. In this case you need to provide the original document.
  5. Can I have an interpreter in person at my disposal?
    Sure! OMNILINGUA puts at your disposal a team of native interpreters, who will appear in a place where you need them to go, for example in a notary’s office, real estate agency, etc.
  6. How do you calculate the cost of a translation?
    OMNILINGUA will evaluate the amount of files for the translations – the file is the measuring unit to calculate the size of a document to be translated according to the National Italian Association of Interpreters and Translators – and the amount of interpreting hours. We will take into account any other particularities: translation among foreign languages, on CD, with layouts that include drawings, graphs or charts, proof readings.
  7. I need an urgent translation: how much time will it take to provide it to me?
    You can always express the urgency of the translation and we will take it into account. This means that the delivery can be provided within 5 working days, but with an increase in the standard price.
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