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Translation Service

Free Estimates and Prices

You can always request a free estimate for translation and interpretation services. You need to provide us with your name and contact, either a phone number or an email address. Please specify which language you would like the document translated or interpreted to and from.

OMNILINGUA will evaluate the amount of files for the translations – the file is the measuring unit to calculate the size of a document to be translated according to the National Italian Association of Interpreters and Translators – and the amount of interpreting hours. The urgency of the translation must be kept in mind if the asseveration among the Sanremo Court House is necessary (in this case the original document will be needed) and eventual other particularities: translation among foreign languages, on CD, with layouts that include drawings, graphs or charts, proof readings.


To find out more about the prices of our translation and interpretation services, click here.

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